Do Kids Need Chiropractic Care Too?

photo of young child jumping for joy
Short answer—absolutely.

At birth, whether natural or cesarean, most babies are violently forced, pulled, twisted, or pushed out of the birth canal, causing the baby’s first subluxation, or spinal misalignment.

As a child begins to crawl, stand up, or walk, he or she experiences countless accidents, falls, and mishaps that can further misalign their spines. As they grow up, recess mishaps can occur, biking and skateboarding accidents become a regular thing, and it may seem like your child is always hurting themselves. Kids are the clumsiest!

On top of this, kids love to play on their tablets, phones, and gaming consoles with the WORST posture. We are beginning to see a generation of “text-neck”, which is defined by forward head posture and a loss of curve in the cervical spine, also known as straight-neck. The constant slouching, as well, gives way to hyperkyphotic curvature (hump-back) in the thoracic spine.

Eventually, all of these events add up to create major subluxations and increased, or decreased spinal curves that will shape their future health and posture. The only way to fix these problems is to catch them as early as possible with regular chiropractic care. As children grow, their spines can realign on their own, assuming proper posture and regular strengthening exercises are taking place. On the other hand, curves can worsen as a child ages. Spinal bracing may be suggested in severe cases, but most would see significant results with corrective chiropractic. Spinal fusion should almost never be considered as the best option, especially in young children.


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