Why We Use X-rays

Doctor holding x ray of spine
Most healthcare providers use x-rays as a diagnostic tool to treat a variety of patient complaints. When you visit your dentist, x-rays of your teeth are taken; when you visit the hospital, complaining of chest pain, chest x-rays are taken; when you have a pesky chest cold that won’t go away, x-rays are taken to check for pneumonia. We follow the same rule of thumb here at Regenerate Chiropractic. Full spine x-rays are an essential diagnostic tool for us to see what is really going on.

X-rays provide vital information that can affect how Dr. Matt chooses to treat a patient. He looks for several different things in specific areas. Of course, we want to make sure there are no dislocations, fractures, possible tumors, or other potentially dangerous conditions. Additionally, Dr. Matt looks at signs of disc degeneration, low bone density, bone spurs, irregular joint space, misalignment, scoliosis, arthritis, and any anomalies. If Dr. Matt decides a second opinion is needed, we have a wonderful, thorough radiologist that we can send out your x-rays to.

Characteristic to our Murrells Inlet office, we provide an additional curvature screening of your spine. If a single vertebra is misaligned, we will know to the exact degree and percent that it deviates from normal. This is especially important for the Chiropractic BioPhysics aspect of our office.

All of the information we gather from your x-rays at your initial visit aids in designing the best care plan to meet your needs, as well as gives Dr. Matt the most informed approach in treating and healing your spine.

Resources: https://idealspine.com/without-x-rays-many-chiropractors-are-missing-the-bigger-picture/

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