Yes, a Bad Pillow Can Give You Neck Pain


Your old or brand new pillow may be the cause of your neck pain.

It’s important to choose head support that promotes healthy sleep and reduces neck pain. For example, the denneroll pillow is a multi-functional device that allows the user to place it in multiple locations to support sleeping posture. The pillow, made from memory foam, contours to the body while correcting sleep posture to provide maximum comfort. 

In the United States, one in three people suffer from poor sleep or sleep issues. Of those, about 85% experience serious chronic pain due to lack of support and altered sleep positioning. In fact, it takes up to four days to recover from just one hour of lost sleep. Sleepless nights can be more than just feeling irritable or not achieving your full potential on the next day.

Poor sleep also can put you at risk of serious medical conditions such as heart diseases. Stress, computers, and societal issues often are blamed, but a major underlying factor could be poor spine or muscle support during sleep. In some chiropractic patients, this chronic pain can be a sign of chronic myofascial pain syndrome (CMPS), which affects the muscles and sheath of tissue surrounding them. 

CMPS is one of the most common sources of chronic non-specific neck pain. Symptoms include highly sensitive and painful trigger points to the touch, deep and aching pain that persists or worsens over time, and issues sleeping due to intense pain. Some research also suggests that CMPS, if left untreated, also can develop into fibromyalgia. 

A study by Drs. Ibrahim M. Moustafa, Aliaa Diab, Fatma Hegazy, and Deed Harrison found patients—who used the denneroll pillow to treat neck pain—experienced significant corrections to their cervical and shoulder angles and decreased pain.

Chiropractic BioPhysics® (CBP®) practitioners, like Dr. Matt Locke, can help you identify the right solution for your neck pain, including a denneroll pillow and more. 

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