Posture Matters
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Poor Posture Chiropractor“Sit up straight”, “Don’t slouch”, “Pull your shoulders back” hopefully growing up you had someone beating these into your brain. Guess what? They were right. At our office we like to say that your posture is the window to your health. Just think about it. When was the last time you saw someone with horrible posture that also was in perfect health? Go ahead I’ll wait. What I want to do is go through each section of the spine (neck, mid-back, low-back) and talk about common spinal altered mechanics and the implications of those changes to the spine.

Let’s start with the neck or the Cervical spine. In this part of the spine we should have a backwards curve also call a lordotic curve. Now this curve allows the head to be over the shoulders where it belong and also places the weight of the head over the facet joints of the spine where it belongs. The most common change we see is forward head posture. The cervical spine either straightens or can totally reverse the curve. You ever heard someone say they hold their stress in their shoulders? Well, stress can have physical affect on your body, but more likely they have bad posture. When the head is in front of the shoulders the muscle of the upper back and neck have to work very hard try to support the weight of the head. This will lead to very tight, tender, fatigued muscles that will not only cause pain in the neck and upper back, but can also cause headaches.

The degenerative changes to the neck due to abnormal weight bearing will include degenerative disc disease, osteophytes (bone spurs), and even foraminal stenosis (narrowing of the holes where the nerves travel after branching off the spinal cord). All of the changes will cause pain and can need surgical intervention if they are severe. The good news is corrective chiropractic like Chiropractic Biophysics can help to reverse these altered mechanics and keep the degenerative changes from becoming severe enough to need surgical intervention.

Another big picture concept is if the shape of the neck changes and the head comes forward, it WILL put tension of the spinal cord! This is not good! Just think about how many organs are below the neck. Almost all of them! The brain controls everything in the body and the only way it is able to do this is if the electrical signal from the brain is able to travel down the cord, out to the nerves to its destination. The nerves go to our organs, muscles, skin, blood vessels, even our hair and pores.

As you can see your spine is extremely important, not only does it house the central nervous system or CNS which controls EVERY part of our bodies’ functions, but it is also the foundation of our body. Our everyday activities of sitting, looking at our phones, or working at a desk will affect your spine. It is vital that you have good posture, not just for pain relief but also to ensure your health isn’t being affected by tension on the cord or pressure on the spinal nerves.

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